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October 19th, 2017
F45 Gym: Cooking up a Fitness Storm
While an extraordinarily strong tornado is called an F5, when it comes to cooking up a fitness storm, there’s F45.F45 gym recently opened a branch in Qatar, providing an innovative and challenging fitness regimen for people who want to stay fit. The gym, which started in Australia in 2012, offers ground-breaking, high intensity circuit training ...
October 12th, 2017
3 Team Sports to Try for #SCTeamtime
It’s the final stage of the #SCteamtime contest and to remind you of how great having a team is, here are three team sports you can participate in and their benefits. Of course, don’t forget to take a snapshot or a video for the contest. Basketball. Hoops, as basketball fans call it, is a great team game. You have to consistently play as a tea...