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Fitness Trackers: Why They’re A Good Health Companion
Fitness Trackers: Why they’re a good health companion
Fitness trackers have become a regular fixture in some people’s workout. But what do these trackers really add to one’s fitness routine? Let’s help you find out.Aids in Weight loss. Let’s face it, a lot of people who exercise have weight loss as part of their goals. A fitness tracker can help mo...
Kids Swimming Safety: It’s Also About What You Wear
Kids Swimming Safety: It’s also about what you wear
When talking about kids’ water safety, learning how to swim is the first thing that may come to mind. But what if children already know how to swim? Kids’ swimming safety actually goes beyond learning how to swim and not going to the deep end, it’s also about what you let your kids wear. So keep ...
Home Fitness Equipment: Saving Your Workout From Qatar’s Extreme Weather
Home Fitness Equipment: Saving your workout from Qatar’s extreme weather
Qatar’s extreme weather can throw a wrench in your well-oiled fitness routine. It’s either too hot or too cold outside to get a good workout. Even a trip to the gym can already be exhausting because of the weather. That’s why it’s a good idea to invest on a few fitness equipment. From the basics ...
Escape The Heat With Puzzles And Pirates
Escape the heat with Puzzles and Pirates
The weather is heating up in Qatar, and most people want an escape. When a swim at the beach or pool will no longer suffice, and being cooped up in an air conditioned room gets boring, then it’s really time for a different kind of escape. The Great EscapeEscape Hunt, located at Dar Al Salam Mall,...
Get Ready For An All Kids Weekend!
Get ready for an All Kids Weekend!
We usually feature fitness and fun-related activities for adults here in the blog. However, for this edition, it’s all about the kids. Of course, parents don’t want their kids to just sit at home and watch videos or play on their tablets, right?  Kids need to exercise, learn and explore. And ...
Fly, Ride And Explore This July Weekend
Fly, Ride and Explore this July weekend
The weekend is nearly here! Whether you want just came from your first regular work week after Ramadan, or still have a few days remaining before you go back to work, here are three things to do in Qatar this July weekend. Fly Qatar’s SkiesMost people in Qatar have been on a plane at least once i...
“Colour Your Summer” With Qatar Summer Festival
“Colour your Summer” with  Qatar Summer Festival
Summer is about to heat up even more with the Qatar Summer Festival!The annual festival is one of the most anticipated events in the country since its inception in 2013. Now in its fourth edition, the festival, themed “Colour your Summer”, promises more days and events. The annual festival featur...
3 Productive Things To Do This Ramadan
3 Productive Things to Do This Ramadan
 Although regular life takes a quiet turn during the day, the evening promises a lot of activities in Qatar during Ramadan. Here are three productive things to do this holy month. Get CreativeDoha Festival City wants your kids to get creative this Ramadan. The Works of Art will have four ses...
Adidas Originals Opens In Doha Festival City
Adidas Originals opens in Doha Festival City
The biggest brand in the sports retail industry just opened at largest mall in Qatar.  Adidas Originals opened at Doha Festival City last May 22. Adidas Originals, which has different product line compared to the main merchandise, is located at the 1st floor of the DFC. The new showroom feat...
Aspire Brings Back Ramadan Sports Festival
Aspire brings back Ramadan Sports Festival
Ramadan is just weeks away. Although it’s known as a time for reflection and fasting, it’s also a time for togetherness, exploring new horizons and fitness. And what better way to do that than to participate in, as well as watch, sports. Fortunately, Aspire Zone Foundation’s Ramadan Sports Festi...
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