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F45 Gym: Cooking Up A Fitness Storm
F45 Gym: Cooking up a Fitness Storm
While an extraordinarily strong tornado is called an F5, when it comes to cooking up a fitness storm, there’s F45.F45 gym recently opened a branch in Qatar, providing an innovative and challenging fitness regimen for people who want to stay fit. The gym, which started in Australia in 2012, offers ...
3 Team Sports To Try For #SCTeamtime
3 Team Sports to Try for #SCTeamtime
It’s the final stage of the #SCteamtime contest and to remind you of how great having a team is, here are three team sports you can participate in and their benefits. Of course, don’t forget to take a snapshot or a video for the contest. Basketball. Hoops, as basketball fans call it, is a great ...
#SCTeamTime Is Winning Time
#SCTeamTime is Winning Time
Great things are rarely done by a single individual, but a group of people. From October 1-14, Sports Corner will be rewarding groups who value being a member of a wonderful team in its “Team Time” contest. Two winners will get 2000 QR worth of vouchers.How to join? It’s as easy as three ste...
One Last “Summer Hurrah”, Anyone?
One last “Summer Hurrah”, anyone?
The temperature is slowly going down, school has started and everyone is busy with work (and annoyed at the traffic). With that in mind, it seems like it’s time for one last summer hurrah before winter settles in. You know, let summer’s good vibes flow one last time. So why not have it this week...
Get Fit, Not Broke: Starting An Affordable Fitness Room With Iron Gym
Get Fit, Not Broke: Starting an affordable fitness room with Iron Gym
Gym memberships can be expensive. Then there’s the energy-zapping traffic in Doha which you have to endure just to get there. When you get to the gym, it’s usually full. Sometimes, the best course of action is to set-up your own fitness room, more popularly known as a home gym.Home gyms need not ...
Haven’t Completed Your BTS List? There’s Still Time!
Haven’t completed your BTS list? There’s still time!
If you’ve survived the first week of the new school year, give yourself a pat on the back. The back to school rush and traffic is no laughing matter. On the other hand, if you haven’t completed your kids’ school stuff, you don’t have to worry. Sports Corner’s Back to School promo is until Septem...
6 Reasons Why Kids Sports Outfits Are A Must-Have
6 Reasons Why Kids Sports Outfits are A Must-Have
As parents start to complete their Back to School (BTS) purchases, its best to add one more to the list: kids sports outfits. You know, the clothes kids can use during PE, special activities or even during their personal playtime. Why? Well, let Sports Corner provide you with 6 reasons why kids’...
5 Reasons Why It’s A Great Idea To Bring A GoPro During The Eid Holidays
5 reasons why it’s a great idea to bring a GoPro during the Eid Holidays
Most people will be going on a short vacation this coming Eid Al Adha Holidays. Whether you’re going to the beaches of Qatar, the sand dunes, or just roam around Doha it’s important that you record those precious memories. And what better way to do that than to use a GoPro? Need more convincing? ...
Do You Already Have Your BTS Checklist?
Do You Already Have Your BTS Checklist?
Soon it’s going to be Back to School (BTS) time for the students in Qatar. This early, it’s definitely wise to buy school stuff to avoid the rush. Stores and showrooms are on sale anyway, so why get caught up in the last minute rush? But before you go on a BTS shopping spree, it’s best to have a...
Fitness Trackers: Why They’re A Good Health Companion
Fitness Trackers: Why they’re a good health companion
Fitness trackers have become a regular fixture in some people’s workout. But what do these trackers really add to one’s fitness routine? Let’s help you find out.Aids in Weight loss. Let’s face it, a lot of people who exercise have weight loss as part of their goals. A fitness tracker can help mo...
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