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  • The best foods for men’s 3 worst health problems

    The best foods for men’s 3 worst health problems
    Heart Disease, Cancer and Diabetes are three of the most common health problems for men. However, there are ways to help guys steer clear of these dreaded diseases… enjoy as well. After all, who would enjoy eating great foods and being fit in the process?

    Heart Disease

    Salmon. Salmon and other fatty fish are high in omega-3. A healthy fat (yes, you’re not reading a misprint) which reduces fat build-up in your blood. Regular consumption of omega-3 also helps reduce the chances of an irregular heartbeat.
    Olive oil. Regular intake of olive oil, particularly virgin olive oil, helps reduce the incidence of stroke, heart disease, cancer and even obesity-related problems.
    Beans and Legumes. Plant-based proteins have less fat and cholesterol. Legumes and beans are a good cho
  • 8 Early Signs of Liver Problems You Should Know

    8 Early Signs of Liver Problems You Should Know
    The liver is one of those organs that some people take for granted. Too bad, because the meaty organ on your right side metabolizes drugs you induce and detoxifies your body from chemicals. For this reason, its best that you detect the early signs that your liver is having problems so you can seek immediate treatment.
    Yellow tinge in skin and eyes. You won’t look like you’re from The Simpsons, but its close enough. Jaundice is the phenomenon when your skin and the whites of your eyes turn yellowish. This is because there is an excess of a chemical bilirubin secreted by your liver. The organ does this when it’s plagued with hepatitis B, cirrhosis and other issues.
    Sudden weight loss or gain. When your weight takes a dive or skyrockets without you even trying, this could be signs of an underlying liver problem. Weigh
  • How to effectively manage your health this Ramadan

    How to effectively manage your health this Ramadan
    The Holy Month of Ramadan is a great time to be one with our body and soul. However, to some, fasting may take its toll on their body. So before you fast or change your eating habits for the month, keep track on how to effectively manage your health this Ramadan.
    List and monitor health-related numbers. It’s important that you list your Body Mass Index, cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure before you start fasting. More importantly, you should monitor them as you progress with your fast. This helps you endure that you are still at the peak of health. List dips or highs especially when it comes to your blood sugar and blood pressure.
    Go for complex foods. Before you fast, it’s important that you choose foods which will keep you full for a long time. This ensures you have a steady supply of energy throughout the day. Complex carbohydrates like whe
  • 6 Surprising Outdoor Activities To Do in Qatar

    6 Surprising Outdoor Activities To Do in Qatar
    Qatar is not all malls, sand and work timings. It’s actually a fun place for people who love outdoor activities. Really. Just look at all these activities you can do in the country throughout the year.
    Kayaking. Did you know that there are mangroves in Qatar? They’re in Al Khor. Mangroves are sign of a robust eco system. So when you ride a kayak, you’ll be able to see not just the mangroves, the clean waters but wildlife and other creatures as well. It’s not just a fun experience but an eye-opening moment too. And hopefully, it will lead to you appreciating nature more and taking care of it as well.
    Desert Sports. Most people would assume that with a large expanse of sand, the desert is 100 percent boring. But not in Qatar. Typically, you can do dune bashing. If that’s too ‘normal’ for you, try sand skiing, paragliding and quad biking through the giant dun
  • Tropical, camouflage design highlight Adidas new arrivals

    Tropical, camouflage design highlight Adidas new arrivals
    Being in the Middle East doesn’t mean you’ll miss some tropical vibe.
    If you’re looking for some cool tropical designs to wear when you work out, just check out these new arrivals from Adidas.
    Adidas Originals track jacket inspired by a Brazilian street dance called ‘passinho’ is now available in Qatar. Designed by the FARM Company, the 100 percent polyester tricot sporty jacket has a vibrant collection of images despite its black and white appearance. To complete the look, try on the Adidas tights with a dynamic tropical print. Also designed by the same company, the tights have a graphic pattern and is made from six percent Elastane and 94 percent polyester. The fit is like second skin, close enough to hug your legs, but not restrictive.
    If tropical design is not for you, try some camouflage. The Adidas Supernova TKO DPR jacke
  • The Sports Corner & Adidas ‘Summer Sale’ is here!

    The Sports Corner & Adidas ‘Summer Sale’ is here!
    One of the most awaited summer events in Qatar is finally here!
    Sports Corner and Adidas recently opened its ‘Summer Sale’ last April 23. Footwear, apparel and accessories from your favorite international and local brands like Adidas, Nike, Dynamic Sport, New Balance, Puma, Asics and Diadora are available at a reduced price. Gym equipment and accessories will also get a price markdown.

    Here are a few tips so you can make the most out of the Summer Sale:

    Know the showroom closest to you. If you are aware of the nearest Adidas or Sports Corner showroom, you’ll be able to get there with less the hassle and travel expenses. And the faster and earlier you get there, the more time you’ll have to choose and look for the items you want. Please click this link to find showroom locations.
    Check out soc
  • Celebrate Spring with Adidas & Sports Corner’s ‘Spring Promotion’

    Celebrate Spring with Adidas & Sports Corner’s ‘Spring Promotion’
    Give Spring a hearty welcome with Sports Corner’s ‘Spring Promotion’!
    Every time you spend 400 QR from Adidas and Sports Corner stores you get to save 100 QR. Enjoy the savings from footwear, apparel and accessories from brands like Adidas, Nike, Reebok, New Balance, Asics and a lot more.
    Speaking of Sports Corner stores, have you visited its flagship store in Tawar Mall? The recently opened 2,500 square meter showroom is a one stop shop for the best local and international brands. It even has fitness equipment, gym accessories and bikes. It also has a 1 vs 1 football stadium. And, of course, Sports Corner Tawar Mall is included in the Spring Promotion.
    The Spring Promotion runs from April 12 to April 14. It’s a limited time offer so be sure to visit the nearest Adidas (Adidas Factory
  • Top of the World: Sports Corner-sponsored Sheikha Asma conquers North Pole

    Top of the World: Sports Corner-sponsored Sheikha Asma conquers North Pole
    A Qatari is on top of the world.
    Sheikha Asma Al Thani, sponsored by Sports Corner, the largest sports retailer in Qatar, became the first ever person from Qatar to reach the North Pole.
    The amiable Asma was part of the all-women EuroArabian Polar Team headed by veteran polar guide Felicity Aston MBE. The 11-member team bravely conquered freezing temperatures, snow boulders, ice cracks, dwindling provisions and telecommunication problems before they completed their task last April 21, just before 7pm.
    On their last leg, the team had to struggle against a -9 degree temperature, causing soggy and slushy snow, and going at a pace of 80km for seven days. Their spirits, however, was buoyed by the arrival of Eugene Kaspersky, Kaspersky Lab CEO, who arrived via helicopter, and Mariam, their Saudi teammate. Mariam had to leave the team
  • Are You Ready for the Most Amazing Open Sports Event in Qatar?

    Are You Ready for the Most Amazing Open Sports Event in Qatar?
    Sports Corner is celebrating the 7th National Sports Day with the Most Amazing Open Event in Qatar.
    What does an “open event” mean? It means that the unique annual event is open for everyone who wants to participate. No fees, just fun. You are all invited to join the Sports Corner Fair 2018, 8am to 5 pm at the Aspire Park on February 13.
    The Sports Corner Fair is a great way to have fun, get fit, stay healthy and celebrate Qatar’s one-of-a-kind holiday.
    There will be games, sports and lots of surprises for your family, friends and officemates. It’s not just individual games and sports, though. The fair also has team sports and games.
    So whether you are a Qatari National, expat, young or old, head down to Aspire on National Sports Day!
    Follow the event updates on all social media channel
  • What’s New? Adidas Promotion, shoes and a chance at 1M!

    What’s New? Adidas Promotion, shoes and a chance at 1M!
    Sports Corner and Adidas always offers something new for everyone. This week, besides new items, you’ll get to enjoy a promo, a draw and the launch of a stylishly new high-tech sneaker.

    Buy 2 Get 1 Free

    After the successful Winter Sale and Shop Qatar, Adidas continues to show its customers some shopping love with a “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” promotion. The promo is exclusive to Adidas Factory Outlet, near the Ramada signal. Various items—shoes, shirts, pants, accessories—are included in the promotion. Do hurry up and avail since it ends on March 3.

    The Fresh Foam Lazr is in Qatar

    The New Balance Fresh Foam Lazr is finally in Qatar! Considered as one of the best new running shoes in the market, the Lazr, like its name suggest, has a laser-engraved fresh foam midsole for exceptional comfort and support.
    The state-of-