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  • 6 Tips to be a better point guard

    6 Tips to be a better point guard
    John Stockton. Steve Nash. Magic Johnson. Tony Parker. Bob Cousy and Jason Kidd. What do they all have in common? They are a few of the best point guards who ever played basketball. A great ‘court general’ is really rare nowadays, so if you want to be one of them, here’s how to be a better point guard. Watch videos
    Watch videos It’s not all physical skills when it comes to being a great point guard. You have to be cerebral. Studying videos of your opponents helps you learn both their offensive and defensive patterns. You can see the natural tendency of opposing players as well. This can help you understand how to effectively play them better. Watch videos of your team as well. Knowing them well builds good on-court chemistry.
    Communication and chemistry A court general should know his troops. Communicate with teammat
  • 100-calorie healthy snacks you can enjoy

    100-calorie healthy snacks you can enjoy
    Looking for a healthy snack that’s around 100 calories? Sounds impossible, right? You’ll be surprised by how many healthy snacks are readily available. Most of these snacks are high in protein, so you’ll stay full longer. Check out these 100-calorie healthy snacks you can enjoy.
    Cucumber and cream cheese dip. Cucumbers are mostly made of water, so don’t you worry about the fat content of cream cheese. Cut one medium cucumber into sticks. To offset some of the fat from the cheese, add chopped spicy peppers. Spicy food helps you stoke your metabolism. You can add some dill and other spices as well.
    Two Egg whites on toast. Egg whites are known for their protein content. Most athletes include egg whites in their diet since the protein has less fat and is easily digestible. Pair it with a piece of toasted whole wheat bread. A dash of paprika and a few spi
  • Want to take up cycling? Here’s what to consider

    Want to take up cycling? Here’s what to consider
    Cycling, or biking as most call it, is a good hobby and sport. Here are some things to consider if you’re planning to take it up.
    Buy your bike online. Purchasing your bike in an online shop is a lot cheaper compared to a physical store. When you buy it at the store, you have to drive or commute there, go from store to store, and even eat if you get tired. Also, there is no middle man involved so bike prices are lower compared to physical stores. If you’re concerned about the quality of the bike, choose a highly rated online site. Remember the warranty. If there is any damage or problem or changes need to be made, a legit site will be glad to replace any parts. Another good thing about buying at an online store is that it will be delivered to your home. So no more carrying it around.
    Don’t forget the basics. In everything, even sports, knowing the basic
  • How to Choose the Right Basketball Shoes

    How to Choose the Right Basketball Shoes
    Searching for a basketball shoe that’s right for you can be difficult. Different brands, different models and their marketing promises can confuse you. Here’s a quick guide on how to choose the right basketball shoe.
    Determine your correct size You know your correct size right? But do you know if it’s the same in different brands? More often than not, even as brands number their sizes the same, they vary a several millimeters or even centimeters. It’s not that its inaccurate, it’s just that manufacturing and design can alter spaces in the shoes. The best way to know is to actually fit and not assume that even if you’re a size 10 in Adidas, you’ll be the same size in Nike or other brands.
    Pick a shoe based on your position Shoe structure vary according to the position you play as well. So don’t just buy one that fits,
  • Get a Good night’s sleep with these tips

    Get a Good night’s sleep with these tips

    A good night’s sleep can make a world of difference to your quality of life. It’s as beneficial as a good diet and exercise. While every person, depending on age, has different requirements of sleep. The general rule is that you should sleep a minimum of seven hours to function properly.

    about the gadgets. More often than not, people are still fiddling with their smartphones and tablets while in bed. Being online stimulates brain activity, making it more difficult for you to sleep. Instead, turn off your gadgets or put it in silent mode half an hour before you get to bed.

    Stick to a sleep schedule. A lot of people sleep in during the weekends or sleep late. But if you really want to sleep better, stick to a sleep schedule. For instance, you wake up 7 am and sleep at 9 pm during weekdays. Try to stick to the same schedule dur

  • Fix your posture in 5 easy hacks

    Fix your posture in 5 easy hacks
    A good posture isn’t just about looks. It affects our mood and our general health. The correct posture protect you from injuries and reduces the risk of bone damage. But how do you make sure you have the right posture? Here are 5 easy hacks.
    Stand against a wall. If you feel like you have been slouching while standing or even walking, place your back against a wall. Shoulders straight and the back of your head on the wall. Also, pay attention to your feet. They should be firmly placed on the ground. Now, slowly move away from the wall, still keeping your straight posture intact. That is the ideal posture if you are standing as well as when you are walking.
    Get a supportive chair. Some people who work in the office have bad posture because of how they slouch all day. But how should you really sit? Most people would think that you should sit at a 90-degree a
  • Tips on How to Properly Gain Weight

    Tips on How to Properly Gain Weight
    Most people usually want to lose weight. However, there are others who were lucky even to be born skinny, so they want to add more weight. Of course, this is meant in a healthy way. ‘Weight’ means muscle and not fat. Here are some tips to gain weight in a healthy and safe way.
    Eat Big, Eat Smart
    We’re not talking about upsizing a cheeseburger. Eating big means you have to up your caloric intake to actually gain mass. More often than not, people who want to gain weight usually binge on carbs, including the fatty ones. But that will actually just bring more weight in the form of fat. Instead, choose complex carbohydrates like wheat and brown rice. This keeps you healthy while still allowing you to bulk up. Another type of food you can eat is protein. Again, choose the lean ones. Chicken and turkey. Since you’re bulking up, lean cuts of
  • Health Benefits of Dates

    Health Benefits of Dates
    Qatar, like most Middle Eastern countries, produce a lot of dates. It even has a Dates Festival. However, why are the fruits so popular in Qatar? Besides being indigenous and highly cultivated in the country, dates have numerous benefits if you eat them.
    Rich in Protein. Dates are packed with protein. Unlike meats, dates have lean protein. So if you’re trying to stay fit and keep your muscles strong, eating dates as part of your pre and post workout sessions are a great idea.
    High in fiber. Dates are high in soluble fiber which can help your digestive system. Fiber aids in better bowel movement. Hence, cleaning your body. Fiber’s ability to make you feel fuller also prevents you from overeating. In return, helps in weight management.
    Helps strengthen your bones. It’s not just calcium which makes bones strong. Minerals like selen
  • Depression warning signs and how to handle them

    Depression warning signs and how to handle them
    While feeling tired and down occasionally is normal, a continuous state maybe a sign of depression. The disease can make it difficult for people to function. It can also lead to other physical and mental problems. Spotting and understanding depression is the first step in overcoming the disease.
    Signs and Symptoms
    • Depression has a wide scale of signs and symptoms. However, the following are the most common.
    • Sleep changes. A person suffering depression may be prone to oversleeping, insomnia or regularly waking up at unintended hours.
    • Appetite changes and weight loss. Loss of appetite is a norm for most people with depression. Hence, they can experience rapid weight loss. On the other hand, some do the opposite. They eat large amounts of food resulting in fast weight gain.
    • Loss of energy. People
  • Sports Corner & Adidas stores Sale is On!

     Sports Corner & Adidas stores Sale is On!
    It’s not only the weather that’s hot in Qatar, its Sports Corner and Adidas stores too!
    Sports Corner and Adidas will be having a nationwide sale on July 19 to August 4, 2018. Enjoy a 20 to 40 percent discount on shoes, apparel and accessories and a whole lot more.
    The latest and the most sought after items from your favorite brands like Adidas and Adidas Originals, Nike, Under Armour, Asics, Reebok, Dynamic Sport, New Balance will be on sale. Outdoor enthusiasts will be happy to know that Speedo, Fitbit are also part of the promo.
    People who love fitness will appreciate the price cuts for brands like Iron Gym, Spider Tech, BH, Body Solid and other brands for gym equipment and accessories.
    If you have any inquiries about the sale and products, the customer care team will be available to assist you from 10