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  • Healthy eating but on a budget? It’s possible!

    Healthy eating but on a budget? It’s possible!
    When you think of healthy eating, pricier food alternatives usually come to mind. Cheaper foods usually mean you’ll have to settle for processed meats and canned goods. However, there are foods which are healthy but will not stretch your wallet.
    Brown rice. In most supermarkets, brown rice actually has a higher price compared to white rice. But appearances and price tags can be deceiving. Brown rice, because of its intact husk, can easily make you full, so it can yield more servings compared to white rice. This type of rice has a high level of fiber, selenium, manganese, magnesium, protein and other vitamins and minerals. Brown rice can help maintain a healthy weight and blood sugar. You can include brown rice in your meals as the main source of carbohydrates, or as ingredients for side dishes, casseroles, stews and soups.
    Whole wheat pasta. You don’t hav
  • 4 Tips to soothe lower back pain

    4 Tips to soothe lower back pain
    Lower back is a common problem for a lot of people worldwide. Just to be clear, if you experience lower back pain, you should consult a physician. Especially if it’s a recurring problem. However, if it’s an occasional problem, due to sitting in the office all day, overextended muscles, being idle or similar reasons, here are four tips to soothe lower back pain.
    Cold and Warm packs. Some people respond to warm packs on their lower backs, others prefer a cold treatment. Whatever works to initiate the healing process for you is always welcome, right? Heat stimulates blood flow and inhibits pain receptors to the brain. For a heat compress, use a hot water bottle or heating pad. You can place a piece of cloth or towel on your back before the warm compress to protect your skin from the heat.
    the other hand, the cold reduces swelling which may be the cause for
  • Four Effective home exercises

    Four Effective home exercises
    Is Qatar’s hot weather preventing you from going to the gym or doing your usual fitness routine? Don’t worry, though, as you can do some really effectively home exercises as you wait for the weather to cool down.
    Planks. Planks may seem simple. But they’re a killer workout. Assume the push-up position, but instead of extending your arms, use your forearms. Keeping your back straight, and contract your abs for a minute. If you have trouble, go for 30 secs. Try to do as much as 5 reps.
    Complete the abdominal exercise, do side planks. Lie on your side, propping your upper body using your right forearm and elbow. Bend your knees and place your left arm on your side. Raise your hip until your shoulders until your ankles form a straight line. Tighten your core and hold for 30 seconds. Then repeat on your felt side. Try as much as 5 reps.
  • Hacks to build bigger muscles in less time

    Hacks to build bigger muscles in less time
    Do you want bigger muscles in record time? No, we’re not talking about taking meds or anything like that. You can achieve your big goals the natural way. Check out these hacks to build bigger muscles in less time.
    Eat more lean proteins. Protein is the building block of muscles. A good supply of protein are meats like beef, chicken and turkey. What you don’t need, however, is the fat and cholesterol that come with these foods. So choose leaner cuts. Fish is also a good protein source, as well as egg whites. And if you want a vegetable alternative, try beans and legumes. Eat each meal with protein so you’ll have a continuous supply for the remainder of the day. Another thing good about protein is that it makes you full longer, so you won’t be tempted to eat unhealthy foods.
    Drink and time your whey consumption. Protein supplements, particularly whey pr
  • Sports Corner & Adidas Sale: Hurry, Only a Few Days Left!

    Sports Corner & Adidas Sale: Hurry, Only a Few Days Left!
    The clock is ticking, but the discounts keep coming. Hurry and make the most of the remaining days of the Sports Corner and Adidas sale! You still have a few days to shop for shoes, clothes and accessories from local and international brands like Adidas, Nike, Under Armour, Reebok and Dynamic Sport. And to make your shopping experience even better, sale prices were recently reduced. So it’s more shopping, less worrying (about your purchase)!
    Find Your Dreams and Favorites Have you been saving up for the Adidas Stan Smith you want so badly? How about Reebok’s CrossFit shoes and accessories or Nike Air? Just drop by a Sports Corner or Adidas nearest you and you may be able to finally buy the footwear of your dreams. Favorites like Adidas’ wide array of Ultraboost shoes, NMD and Stan Smith, and whole lot more, are included in the sale period.