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  • Skin Care Tips for Summer

    Skin Care Tips for Summer
    Summer could be a bad time if you don’t know how to take care of your skin. Prolonged exposure to the heat and ultraviolet rays can cause considerable skin damage. Not to mention increase the risk of getting skin cancer. However, there are ways to protect your skin so you can still enjoy summer and outdoor activities.
    Use sunscreen. The skin has protection from the sun in the form of melanin. It’s the chemical which gives skin its pigmentation. The darker the skin, the more the melanin. However, regardless if you have fair or darker skin, you will still need sunscreen to avoid sun damage. Choose sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher. And don’t forget to put some on your face.
    Rehydrate. When it’s hot, there is always the possibility of being dehydrated. If your body is lacking in water, your skin will suffer as well. It will become wrinkled, and even flaky.
  • “Empty Calorie” Foods You may not realize

    “Empty Calorie” Foods You may not realize
    Empty calories. The term refers to foods which give you little or no nutrition at all. At the top of your head you’d think donuts and candies. But there are lots of foods which are void of nutrition which you may not be aware of.
    Tortilla chips. Corn is healthy right? Lots of fiber, good carbs and other nutrients. But when converted to tortillas, much of the good ingredients are actually stripped down. The husk and the grain is generally removed, and that is where most of the fibers and nutrients are. Want a crunch substitute? Air popped popcorn or stove popped with a bit of olive oil and spices.
    Soda. Soda is a nutritional black hole. Not only that. Regular consumption is known result in long-term harm to your body. Eroded teeth enamel, obesity, high blood sugar and even decreased bone health are linked to regular s
  • 5 School Health tips for parents to know

    5 School Health tips for parents to know
    As much as you love your kids, you can’t just watch over them while they are in school. If you worry about their health while they’re away in school, there are ways to help them keep healthy. Here are five tips to keep kids healthy while in school.
    them to wash hands properly. Some viruses and bacteria can stay in hard surfaces for hours on end. It best that you teach your kids proper handwashing. Before they eat, when they get dirty or after going to the bathroom, tell them to sing the “happy birthday” song in their heads as they wash with soap and water. Then rinse. The time of the song is long enough to kill germs and bacteria.
    Pack a healthy but creative snack. Kids can be picky. So you have to upgrade their lunch. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and apple and almond milk is great, but it can be boring if done every day. Change it up by making
  • Healthy eating but on a budget? It’s possible!

    Healthy eating but on a budget? It’s possible!
    When you think of healthy eating, pricier food alternatives usually come to mind. Cheaper foods usually mean you’ll have to settle for processed meats and canned goods. However, there are foods which are healthy but will not stretch your wallet.
    Brown rice. In most supermarkets, brown rice actually has a higher price compared to white rice. But appearances and price tags can be deceiving. Brown rice, because of its intact husk, can easily make you full, so it can yield more servings compared to white rice. This type of rice has a high level of fiber, selenium, manganese, magnesium, protein and other vitamins and minerals. Brown rice can help maintain a healthy weight and blood sugar. You can include brown rice in your meals as the main source of carbohydrates, or as ingredients for side dishes, casseroles, stews and soups.
    Whole wheat pasta. You don’t hav
  • 4 Tips to soothe lower back pain

    4 Tips to soothe lower back pain
    Lower back is a common problem for a lot of people worldwide. Just to be clear, if you experience lower back pain, you should consult a physician. Especially if it’s a recurring problem. However, if it’s an occasional problem, due to sitting in the office all day, overextended muscles, being idle or similar reasons, here are four tips to soothe lower back pain.
    Cold and Warm packs. Some people respond to warm packs on their lower backs, others prefer a cold treatment. Whatever works to initiate the healing process for you is always welcome, right? Heat stimulates blood flow and inhibits pain receptors to the brain. For a heat compress, use a hot water bottle or heating pad. You can place a piece of cloth or towel on your back before the warm compress to protect your skin from the heat.
    the other hand, the cold reduces swelling which may be the cause for
  • Four Effective home exercises

    Four Effective home exercises
    Is Qatar’s hot weather preventing you from going to the gym or doing your usual fitness routine? Don’t worry, though, as you can do some really effectively home exercises as you wait for the weather to cool down.
    Planks. Planks may seem simple. But they’re a killer workout. Assume the push-up position, but instead of extending your arms, use your forearms. Keeping your back straight, and contract your abs for a minute. If you have trouble, go for 30 secs. Try to do as much as 5 reps.
    Complete the abdominal exercise, do side planks. Lie on your side, propping your upper body using your right forearm and elbow. Bend your knees and place your left arm on your side. Raise your hip until your shoulders until your ankles form a straight line. Tighten your core and hold for 30 seconds. Then repeat on your felt side. Try as much as 5 reps.
  • Hacks to build bigger muscles in less time

    Hacks to build bigger muscles in less time
    Do you want bigger muscles in record time? No, we’re not talking about taking meds or anything like that. You can achieve your big goals the natural way. Check out these hacks to build bigger muscles in less time.
    Eat more lean proteins. Protein is the building block of muscles. A good supply of protein are meats like beef, chicken and turkey. What you don’t need, however, is the fat and cholesterol that come with these foods. So choose leaner cuts. Fish is also a good protein source, as well as egg whites. And if you want a vegetable alternative, try beans and legumes. Eat each meal with protein so you’ll have a continuous supply for the remainder of the day. Another thing good about protein is that it makes you full longer, so you won’t be tempted to eat unhealthy foods.
    Drink and time your whey consumption. Protein supplements, particularly whey pr
  • 6 Tips to be a better point guard

    6 Tips to be a better point guard
    John Stockton. Steve Nash. Magic Johnson. Tony Parker. Bob Cousy and Jason Kidd. What do they all have in common? They are a few of the best point guards who ever played basketball. A great ‘court general’ is really rare nowadays, so if you want to be one of them, here’s how to be a better point guard. Watch videos
    Watch videos It’s not all physical skills when it comes to being a great point guard. You have to be cerebral. Studying videos of your opponents helps you learn both their offensive and defensive patterns. You can see the natural tendency of opposing players as well. This can help you understand how to effectively play them better. Watch videos of your team as well. Knowing them well builds good on-court chemistry.
    Communication and chemistry A court general should know his troops. Communicate with teammat
  • 100-calorie healthy snacks you can enjoy

    100-calorie healthy snacks you can enjoy
    Looking for a healthy snack that’s around 100 calories? Sounds impossible, right? You’ll be surprised by how many healthy snacks are readily available. Most of these snacks are high in protein, so you’ll stay full longer. Check out these 100-calorie healthy snacks you can enjoy.
    Cucumber and cream cheese dip. Cucumbers are mostly made of water, so don’t you worry about the fat content of cream cheese. Cut one medium cucumber into sticks. To offset some of the fat from the cheese, add chopped spicy peppers. Spicy food helps you stoke your metabolism. You can add some dill and other spices as well.
    Two Egg whites on toast. Egg whites are known for their protein content. Most athletes include egg whites in their diet since the protein has less fat and is easily digestible. Pair it with a piece of toasted whole wheat bread. A dash of paprika and a few spi
  • Want to take up cycling? Here’s what to consider

    Want to take up cycling? Here’s what to consider
    Cycling, or biking as most call it, is a good hobby and sport. Here are some things to consider if you’re planning to take it up.
    Buy your bike online. Purchasing your bike in an online shop is a lot cheaper compared to a physical store. When you buy it at the store, you have to drive or commute there, go from store to store, and even eat if you get tired. Also, there is no middle man involved so bike prices are lower compared to physical stores. If you’re concerned about the quality of the bike, choose a highly rated online site. Remember the warranty. If there is any damage or problem or changes need to be made, a legit site will be glad to replace any parts. Another good thing about buying at an online store is that it will be delivered to your home. So no more carrying it around.
    Don’t forget the basics. In everything, even sports, knowing the basic