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  • Breaking News: Sports Shopping Festival

    Breaking News: Sports Shopping Festival

    Sports Shopping Festival is finally here!

    From October 30th till November 2nd make sure to pass by Regency Hall and score great deals on sports gear, apparel and more!

    Top discounts on brand

  • Back To School

    Back To School

    Ready to Schools?

    Sports Corner and Adidas have opened the Back to School Sale on August 08th. Hoodies, Polo t-shirts, crew neck t-shirts, bags, shoes, Sweatpants, socks, water bottles from your favourite international and local brands like Adidas, Nike, Dynamic Sport, New Balance, Reebok, Dynamic sports, Geox, Laken & many more!

    How it works? Well, it is very simple. Spend 250 QR and get 50 QR worth on vouchers on selected items.

    Here are a few tips so you can make the most out of the Back to school campaign:

    Know the showroom closest to you. If you are aware of the nearest Adidas or Sports Corner showroom, you’ll be able to get there with less the hassle and travel expenses. And t

  • Get a Good night’s sleep with these tips

    Get a Good night’s sleep with these tips

    A good night’s sleep can make a world of difference to your quality of life. It’s as beneficial as a good diet and exercise. While every person, depending on age, has different requirements of sleep. The general rule is that you should sleep a minimum of seven hours to function properly.

    about the gadgets. More often than not, people are still fiddling with their smartphones and tablets while in bed. Being online stimulates brain activity, making it more difficult for you to sleep. Instead, turn off your gadgets or put it in silent mode half an hour before you get to bed.

    Stick to a sleep schedule. A lot of people sleep in during the weekends or sleep late. But if you really want to sleep better, stick to a sleep schedule. For instance, you wake up 7 am and sleep at 9 pm during weekdays. Try to stick to the same schedule du

  • How to Choose the Right Basketball Shoes

    How to Choose the Right Basketball Shoes
    Searching for a basketball shoe that’s right for you can be difficult. Different brands, different models and their marketing promises can confuse you. Here’s a quick guide on how to choose the right basketball shoe.
    Determine your correct size You know your correct size right? But do you know if it’s the same in different brands? More often than not, even as brands number their sizes the same, they vary a several millimeters or even centimeters. It’s not that its inaccurate, it’s just that manufacturing and design can alter spaces in the shoes. The best way to know is to actually fit and not assume that even if you’re a size 10 in Adidas, you’ll be the same size in Nike or other brands.
    Pick a shoe based on your position Shoe structure vary according to the position you play as well. So don’t just buy one that fit
  • Four Ways to Improve Your Football Game

    Four Ways to Improve Your Football Game
    While the euphoria of the recent FIFA World Cup has subsided a bit, it did leave a lot of people with an appreciation of the sport. And some, the strong desire to improve their game. If you’re one of those people, here are a few tips you can improve your game. 

    Great footwork is a must
    In a sport where you use your feet most of the time, great footwork is key. Control and protect the ball as you weave through defenders and try to get a shot in. Besides practicing your footwork on the pitch, bring the ball with you everywhere you go. As strange as it seems, weaving through different surroundings allows you to understand the trajectory of the ball when it moves and bounces, and how to effectively control it. Another different way to improve your footwork is to hit the ball on a brick wall. Target a specific bring using different angles, force and s

  • Four Things to Do in Qatar for the Weekend

    Qatar can be a fun, informative and exciting place to be in if you know where to go. For this weekend, here are a few interesting places you can visit and enjoy.
    Dates Festival. The Middle East is not just known for oil reserves and sand dunes, but dates as well. And Qatar has one of the best dates in the region. That’s why the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) decided to organize a Dates Festival. The celebration also centers of the maintaining the cultural heritage of Qatar and encourage the country’s farmers to continue the best agricultural practices when it comes to date palms.
    Date Festival is scheduled for July 19 to August, 4pm at Souq Waqif. Expect a wide display of Qatari dates and produce, competitions and forums.
    Splash & Dash. If you’re looking for a perfect activity to get away from the scorching
  • 7 Tips to Keep Cool in Qatar’s Hot Weather

    7 Tips to Keep Cool in Qatar’s Hot Weather

    With the news that Qatar will be experiencing hotter temperatures in the coming days, its best to think of simple ways to keep you cool. Of course, you should also protect yourself from the sun.

    Protect your skin. If you can avoid going out during the hot days, then good. It’s not just the heat, UV rays are strongest between 10 am to 4pm. And prolonged exposure to UV rays can increase the risk of certain skin cancers. But if you can’t avoid going out, don’t forget to apply some sunscreen. A sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher is preferable. If you’re exercising and get sweaty, you can also apply another layer if sunscreen.

    Stay hydrated. Drink more water during hot weather to keep your body hydrated. Remember that the more you sweat, the more liquids and minerals are needed by your body. While it’s tempting to drink colas, juic

  • 10 World Cup Amazing Stats and Facts

    10 World Cup Amazing Stats and Facts
    If you enjoyed our previous article about the World Cup. Here’s some more you can wrap your football-loving mind on.
    1. In 2010, more than three million beers were sold and drunk in the stadium during the tournament. Also, almost 400,000 hotdogs were consumed at that time.
    2. Stadiums are generally miles apart. Contrary to what it may seem as you watch the games, the venues are actually miles away from each other. For instance, in the 2014 World Cup, the venues were around 2000 miles apart.
    3. Hungary holds the record for most goals in a single game with 10. The achieved the feat in 1982 against El Salvador.
    4. Who made the most goals in one tournament? Its French striker Just Fontaine. He had a total of 13 goals in just 6 games played.
    5. The World Cup was once canceled in 1942 and
  • 10 Fun Facts about the FIFA World Cup

    10 Fun Facts about the FIFA World Cup
    As the FIFA World Cup 2018 nears its exciting conclusion, football fans all over the world are in a frenzy for anything related to football. If you’re a new fan of the sport or if you’re just love getting your fill of the sport’s trivia, here are 10 fun facts about the FIFA World Cup you should know.
    1. The first World Cup was held in Uruguay in 1930. The country also won the tournament that year, being the first winner and first host to capture the title.
    2. The World Cup 2018 is the first time Russia has hosted the event. The country has seen a total of 11 appearance in the event, with its best finish coming in 1966 when it reached fourth place.
    3. Speaking of Russia, Oleg Salenko a Russian player holds the record for most goals in a World Cup match with a total of five.
    4. In 2002, the World Cup was he
  • Remember the Dos and Don’ts of Online Shopping

    Remember the Dos and Don’ts of Online Shopping
    Do shop using tablets and smartphones. Gadgets have made online shopping more convenient. Check if your favorite online store has an app. Once you download it, check if the permission its needs is suitable for you. If the answer is yes, then go ahead and proceed with the download.
    Do check your receipts and bills. Whenever you shop online, it’s best that you check your credit card bills and receipts for any discrepancies. Mistakes do happen even if everything is digital and the earlier you can spot it, the sooner the online store or your bank can make the necessary corrections.
    Do avail of discounts and sales. Online shopping sites don’t pay for store rent and it’s free from middlemen, so they can afford to have special sales and prices from time to time. You can avail of the special prices and get those savings.
    Do explore the