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Powertube Green / Medium

The Powertube Elite Medium is designed to provide strength and endurance training as well as promote muscle growth. The Powertube Elite Medium is compatible with PTP Power handles, ankle straps and indoor/outdoor anchors. Allowing you to perform exercises in multiple directions. Featuring our safety inner cord, it is also one of the safest resistance tubes you will find on the market. Highly convenient and portable, you can use the powertube to train anywhere.For strengthening and muscle growth.Safety inner cord that prevents the tube from overextending/snapping.Easy on the joints thanks to the progressive elastic resistance.Carabiners allowing you to attach the tube to PTP Power handles, ankle straps and PTP anchors.Exercise guide included that target all major muscle groups.
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Model Number PPPTP-ES3
Brand PTP
Age group Adults
Article number PPPTP-ES3
Barcode 9345164001274
Item type Power Tube
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