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  1. Massage Gun
    Massage Gun
    QAR 450
  2. Pull-Up Assistant
  3. Spring Collar 1-Inch
  4. Active Adjustable Hand Grip
  5. Adjustable Hand Grip with Counter
  6. Active Foam Hand Grips
  7. LP Air Compression Sleeveless Top
  8. Nike Jordan Jumpman Wristband

    The Jordan Jumpman Wristband features signature details on stretch fabric.

  9. Gymstick Back Support 1.0
    Design to block and relieve back aches, this 3mm neoprene back support compresses and supports your back while retaining therapeutic heat.
  10. Gymstick Active Massage Hook
    This massage hook is a lightweight and durable self-massager that's easy to use. It is equipped with roller at the end so besides direct pressure you can roll sore muscles with the hook.
  11. Gymstick Active Fascia Massager
    This massager offers instant relief for tight and achy muscles. It’s equipped with two rotating balls which are fixed to a rigid stand. A non-slip stand keeps well on its place while massaging.
  12. Tunturi Powerlifting Straps
    These powerlifting straps give you added support to lift those extra kilos. Its deadlift straps are made of sturdy cotton and therefore have a comfortable feel.
  13. Tunturi Adjustable Handgrip
    This handgrip features comfortable feel handles. Its white anti-slip zone with ridges prevents the handle from sliding off your hands. The resistance can be adjusted easily using the rotary button: start with a milder resistance (from 5 kg) and slowly increase it (up to 20 kg).
  14. Body-Solid Gut Blaster Ab Slings
    Designed to tone, trim and condition abs, these ab slings can help a bad back by stretching the muscles and decompressing spine. It suspends you above ground for leg raises and oblique exercises.
  15. Body-Solid Triceps Rope
    Body-Solid Triceps Rope
    QAR 120
    This triceps rope features oversized rubber blocks and super-thick, high-carbon steel swivel for strength, durability and comfort. It helps you do the heaviest press downs, curls, crunches, kickbacks and deltoid raises.
  16. Tunturi Waistband Neoprene
    This waistband provides reinforcement and supports your abdomen and back while exercising. It is made from neoprene that has a high thermal value. Its Velcro fastening allows you to easily adjust it.
  17. Tunturi LED Reflective Band
    Ideal for running, cycling, horse riding and other outdoor activities, this safety strap is a fine accessory for outdoor sports activities. Its bracelet ensures that you are clearly visible to others, both during the day and in the evening. This is due to the bright yellow reflective material and the 4 red LED lights. These bright lights can blink or burn constantly. The safety strap is easy to attach using the Velcro fastening at the back.
  18. Tunturi Weightlifting Belt 100cm
    Made of genuine leather, very sturdy and with strong closures, this belt provides support and a stable posture and is ideal for squats and deadlifts. It has a luxurious look with a comfortable feel due to the solid leather.
  19. -13%
    Tunturi Hula Hoop 1.5kg

    Tunturi Hula Hoop 1.5kg

    Special Price QAR 70 Regular Price QAR 80
    Tunturi Hula Hoop 1.5kg
    Special Price QAR 70 Regular Price QAR 80
    This hula hoop strengthen your legs, buttocks, back and most importantly, your abdomen, increase your balance and coordination and offers a gentle massage. Its high-quality material is weighted and is focused on the abdominal areas of the body, while its wavy design allows you to easily keep the hula hoop high.
  20. Tunturi Handgrip Foam
    These hand grip improves your grip and train your hand and lower arm muscles. Its polystyrene foam hand grips have openings that creates a good grip and prevents the fingers from sliding while you are working out, while steel spring provides enough resistance.
  21. Tunturi X-Shape LED Reflective Belt
    This LED belt has a bright yellow color with reflective stripes. There are 4 white LED lights at the front and 4 red LED lights at the back. It is also ideal for cycling, hiking, horse riding or other outdoor activities.

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