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  1. Ab Sport Pro Style Dumbell
  2. Body Solid Plate Load/ABS/Curl
  3. Body-Solid Balanced V-Bar Weight bars Silver MB507.NS
  4. Body-Solid Cable Curl Bar-Mb228 Black/Silver MB228.NS
  5. Body-Solid Multi Exercise Bar Silver MB503.NS
  6. Body-Solid Olympic Plate Tree Weight
  7. Body-Solid Power Centre
    Body-Solid Power Centre
    QAR 1,339
    Unlimited weight
     Adjustable for negative, horizontal and upper gradient, including adjustable weights and footwork station
  8. Body-Solid Pro Style Lateral Weight Bar Steel MB438.NS
    The grooved design on the handle adds to a better, controlled grip.
  9. Body-Solid Revolving Curl Bar Silver MB229.NS
  10. Body-Solid Revolving Straight Bar Silver MB022.NS
  11. Body-Solid Revolving Triceps And Biceps Bar
  12. Body-Solid Solid Lat Bar Silver MB148.NS
  13. Gymstick FightBack Sandbag  Black/Red 71134
    Adjustable weight from 1 to 23 kg (sand not included)
    weight: 0.96 kg
  14. Tunturi Bulgarian Bag 15Kg Blue/Black 14TUSCF018
    Solid plastic material
    Soft filling for a good grip
    The wool makes the Tunturi Bulgarian Bag feel comfortable during the workout
  15. Tunturi Selector Dumbbell Stand

    Ideal for neat and safe storage of two selector dumbbells
    Move the stand easily due to the 4 transport wheels
    Very sturdy and professional model
    You can place the dumbbell holder against the wall or put it in the middle of the room
    Includes 4 transport wheels and 4 fixed supports
    With 2 storage shelves
    Suitable for 2 Tunturi Selector Dumbbells

  16. Tunturi Strengthbag 20Kg Blue/ Gray 14TUSCL364
    The strenght bag, also called power bag or sand bag, has several handles, which means it can be used for various exercises
    Tunturi Power Bags are not only popular in boot camps, but also for fitness centers, personal trainers and individual training groups
    Another special feature of the Power Bags is the fact that the weight in the bag can move
    The Strenght bags from tunturi are already filled with sand

16 Items results

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