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  1. Climacool ventilation
    Designed to deal with heat and humidity
    Made from leather-like fabric that makes you practice with confidence
    The wrist has a strap with an adjustable fit
  2. Adjustable resistance between 10 to 40 kg
    weight: 0.157 kg
  3. BH Fitness
    BH Fitness I.Airmag

    The power of an indoor cycling for professional use for those who train at home. Manual friction resistance and a solid reinforced structure. High qualities at home for your indoor cycling sessions.

  4. BH Fitness
    BH Fitness AB/Lower Back
    Dual exercise is possible with the same machine: abdominals and lower back. Its adjustable support rolls offers maximum comfort during the exercise.
    Full connectivity in strength equipment to reach the goal of a 100% connected gym. It includes RFID user access and tutorials for the use of each machine.
  5. BH Fitness
    BH Fitness Butterfly
    The TR line was designed with commercial facilities in mind with features like converging & diverging axes, front & rear shrouds, & 4mm thick steel frames. Counter-balanced arms and cams are used to deliver the biomechanically correct resistance curve for a given exercise. Color-coded weight stacks, start-assist levers, and yellow quick release adjustment levers highlight the line’s ease of use.
  6. This 2-in-1 vibration plate is efficient in the prevention and reduction of cellulite. It features 5 speeds and 3 massage straps.
  7. BH Fitness
    BH Fitness Gluteous Kneeling
    Forearm pads and hand grips stabilize the body during exercise and provide maximum comfort while standing and a non-slip rubber foot bar provides a safe foot engagement during exercise.
  8. BH Fitness
    BH Fitness Horizontal Triceps
    An excellent choice for every type of user. The use of cam system allows movement with uniform weight to develop the triceps.
    The cam system used on this model keeps the power arm at a constant setting throughout the whole movement. This biomechanical improvement prevents overuse of the Golgi tendon organ which controls muscular tension.
  9. BH Fitness
    BH Fitness iRC12 Treadmill

    Professional structure
    Flex System + Smart Konik
    i.Concept System

Showing 1-21 of 229 results

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