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  1. Privat Roller

    Privat Roller

    QAR 2,599
    Privat Roller
    QAR 2,599
  2. Stiga Action Table
  3. Stiga Cup 40+ 6-Pack Table Tennis Balls
    One of the most popular balls for home use, these table tennis balls are durable and has an extreme resilience.
  4. Stiga Training 40+ 6-Pack Table Tennis Balls
    Ideal for multi-ball practice, robot training and match play, these table tennis balls has playing characteristics and quality like many competition balls in terms of roundness, weight and stability.
  5. Stiga Outdoor Roller Table
    4mm Melamine Resin Board
    Bat and ball holder on side of table
    Net always on the table
    Playback mode for practice
    Superb weather durability
    Light and easy to move and set up/pack up
    Big wheels for easy manoeuvrability
    European Safety Standard opening and closing system
    All-weather table designed for use and storage in all conditions
    It’s special resin surface protects it from temparture extremes and rain
    It has earned a reputation for durability and versatility since it can be used indoors and outside
    It comes with a net that is permanently attached to the table
    One of the most popular all-weather tables on the market
  6. Stiga Indoor Performance Table
    19 mm fibreboard
    Indoor table
    Net and post included
    Compact system
    EN-saftey norm: 14468-1 Class D

6 Items results

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